Outstream Video Advertising

Outstream video is offered and plays from within text content on websites. Outstream video platforms offer technology to present video in mobile-friendly formats that allow readers to discover and engage content in new ways.

Teads, Virool and Altitude Digital are companies that serve what they call “native video advertising”, and what others have called “outstream” advertising to contrast it with “instream” video ads that play at some point during content served via a video player.

Native ads are videos that are shown to users as they read through web-based text. Typically, the ads appear and disappear as the user scrolls through a defined point in an article or post.

Teads claims that web readers prefer such a presentation because they are not intrusive and put the decision to watch or not watch an ad directly in the hands of the user.

This video provides an overview of Teads and its products:


A neat feature of the Teads and Virool platforms is their capacity to serve video in orientations and aspect ratios -- landscape, square, or vertical -- appropriate to various mobile devices.

This Teads explainer demonstrates the way the vertical ads work.

This video demonstrates Teads their “inRead” format:


What’s Attracting Interest in Outstream Ads

Advertisers and agencies have been attracted to outstream video because it gives them access to new ad inventory in the context of high-quality, or “premium” editorial content.

A mid-2015 study of ad market decision-makers conducted by Forrester Research for Teads, found that advertiser and agency decision-makers believed outstream video, specifically

67% believed outstream enhanced their ability to execute video sales programtically as a consequence of access to larger ad inventory

66% thought outstream allowed access to additional premium content

60% thought oustream provides a better, less obtrusive end-user experience compared with other online video ads

59% believed outstream delivers better ROI than other online ad formats


Outstream Requires Modified Approaches to Preproduction and Production

Because some native ads don’t make use of traditional video aspect ratios, the production of vertical and square video for outstream ads does requires careful planning in pre-production, especially if the ads are going to be part of a cross-platform campaign. The same content may have to be shot more than once. The time required should be considered carefully when developing production and campaign schedules.

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